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Gaia's Artistry was born from a desire to meld a love of nature, interest in spirituality, and creative gift. I gather inspiration from the natural and spiritual world to create unique handcrafted spiritual tools and gifts using fabric, fiber, crystals and other natural items.

New changes are happening at Gaia's Artistry.  Starting off if you are interested in purchasing anything in our shop please e-mail me first so we can discuss your order and arrange for shipping.

During the chaos we appreciate your patience greatly!


Look inside for specialty craft tools and herbal products.


Journaling on our creative process, random thoughts and other news.

About Spirit

Observations of Spirit and how it moves us.


Tools help gather and direct magical energy. They also assist us in protecting ourselves and others during our magical working.

Herb Lore

Herb lore and uses of common and not so common herbs guide our understanding of the natural world and.

Herb Spotlight

My research into seasons, herbs and plants.


Divination and foresight is a tool used to help us look within ourselves. It is one in the many ways in which we can contact our inner guides and hear their advice for us.

Tarot Spotlight

The Fool

Custom orders are always welcome and prices will reflect materials and time required to complete each order.
Gaia's Artistry staff will provide a time table for completion and will keep you updated with periodic emails. All custom orders will be arranged via e-mail.

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